Universal terminals OTL


Universal terminal blocks for copper and aluminium

Universal terminals OTL are designed for copper and aluminium conductors. The terminals are suitable for all types of copper or aluminium conductors with cross section up to 240 mm². Multiple copper wires can be placed to the OTL terminal blocks according to the respective terminal type (see Table of universal terminals OTL wiring connectivity below). IP protection class for OTL terminals is IP20.


Certification and product safety

Universal terminals OTL are tested and certified by following standards:
EN 60947-7-1:2009 „Low-voltage switchgear and control gear – Part 7-1: Ancillary equipment – Terminal blocks for copper conductors“
EN 61238-1:2003 „Compression and mechanical connectors for power cables for rated voltages up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) – Part 1: Test methods and requirements“
All connectors used inside switchgears or similar appliances must fulfil these requirements.


EN 61238-1:2003 for copper and aluminium cables are divided into two classes.

Class A (heat cycle and short-circuit tested) – These are connectors intended for electricity distribution or industrial networks in which they can be subjected to short-circuits of relatively high intensity and duration. Therefore, Class A connectors are suitable for most applications.Class B (heat cycle tests only, not short-circuit tested) – These are connectors for networks in which overloads or short-circuits are rapidly cleared by the installed protective devices, e.g. fast-acting fuses.

Universal terminals OTL are tested and certified class A connectors and the housing is made of self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0 class plastic material.

For choosing safe and reliable connector, always make sure that the terminal is equipped with CE and Class A markings with the symbol of certifying institute, for example FI -mark.


Material classification according to UL 94 V-0 standard (vertical burning test)

Criteria Conditions94 V-094 V-194 V-2
Total flaming combustion for each specimen≤ 10 sec≤ 30 sec≤ 30 sec
Total flaming combustion for all 5 specimens of any set≤ 50 sec≤ 250 sec≤ 250 sec
Flaming and glowing combustion for each specimen after second burner flame application≤ 30 sec≤ 60 sec≤ 60 sec
Cotton ignited by flaming drips from any specimenNoNoYes


Table of universal terminals OTL wiring connectivity

Conductor cross section mm2 / number of wires Al/CuTightening torqueIn (A)
OTL 161/31/31/21/21/11/11,5 Nm (1,5-6 mm2)
7 Nm (10-16 mm2)
OTL 35
OTL 35-2
OTL 35-3X
OTL 35-5X
1/31/31/31/31/21/11/13 Nm (2,5-16 mm2)
6 Nm (25-35 mm2)
OTL 50
OTL 50-2
OTL 50-3
1/31/31/31/31/31/31/21/11/11,5 Nm (1,5 – 2,5 mm2)
5 Nm (4-10 mm2)
10 Nm (16-50 mm2)
OTL 95
OTL 95-2
OTL 95-3
1/31/31/31/31/21/11/11/112 Nm (6-25 mm2)
22 Nm (35-95 mm2)
OTL 150
OTL 150-2
OTL 150-3
1/31/31/31/21/11/11/114 Nm (25-50 mm2)
30 Nm ( 70-150 mm2)
OTL 240
OTL 204-2
1/31/31/31/21/21/11/11/126 Nm (35-120 mm2)
40 Nm (150-240 mm2)


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