Moulded case circuit breakers

Moulded case circuit breakers

Susol MCCB series

Super Solution Super performance; Super breaking capacity; Super optimum coordination; Super life span; Super extensive applications.

Super solution

For power distribution

  • By great performance,
  • By securing the highest breaking capacity,
  • By optimum coordination technique (cascading & discrimination).

For controlling, switching and protecting motor & circuits

  • By great performance and reliance,
  • By optimum coordination between circuit breaker and contactor,
  • By superior quality and long lifespan,
  • By providing an ideal solution where space is limited through perfect combination with MMS.

For extensive applications

By proving a wide range of optimized auxiliaries and accessories,

Susol series circuit breakers

  • Simplified installation, High Breaking Capacity, Optimized Protection;
  • Simplified 4 frame size (160/250/630/800AF from 16 to 800A),
  • High breaking capacity Icu @ 415VAC: 50, 65, 85, 100, 150kA (Ics=100%Icu),
  • Uimp = 8kV, Ui =750V, Ue = 690V;
  • Built in trip unit for TD series: FTU, FMU;
  • interchangeable trip units for TS series: FTU, FMU, ATU, MTU, ETS, ETM;
  • Disconnecting switch unit (DSU) is also available,
  • Communication: RS485(Modbus-RTU),
  • Zone selective interlocking (ZSI),
  • Ammeter function,
  • Earth fault protection,
  • Various connection & Plug-in mounting,
  • Providing a large offer of coordination tables,
  • (Cascading, Discrimination, Type II coordination),
  • Common use of electrical auxiliries like as AX, AL, SHT, UVT.