Manual motor starters

Manual motor starters


Manual Motor Starters Efficiency through various functions and compact design. Complete ranges up to 100A and 100kA Wide variety of accessories .


Width : 45mm for 32A, 55mm for 63A and 70mm for 100A:

  • Three position operator: ON-OFF-TRIP,
  • Complete range of common accessories,
  • Handle lock in the OFF position,
  • Class 10, 20 overload trip characteristics,
  • Trip test available,
  • Finger safe terminal,
  • DIN rail & Screw mounting,



Meta-MEC MMSs are suitable for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors of up to 45kW at 400VAC and for loads with rated currents of up to 100A.


MMS32S, MMS32H, MMS63S, MMS63H, MMS100S, MMS100H.


It covers all ratings up to 100A.


  • Protection of group installation,
  • Protection of circuits,
  • Motor protection & Starter protection,
  • Wide range of ambient temperature compensation,
  • Phase failure protection.


  • The components fulfill the international standard IEC 60947,
  • In U.S, the devices can be used as Manual Motor Starter in Group Installations according UL508,
  • The approval for UL508 Type E Combination Starter is under preparation.

Function – Motor protection (Trip class 10 and 20)

  • Short circuit,
  • Over-current,
  • Phase failure,
  • Adjustable thermal release,
  • Ambient temperature compensation.


  • Ampere Frame : 32, 63, 100AF,
  • Rated operating voltage (Ue) : 1000V (690V for MMS-32),
  • Rated frequency (Hz) : 50/60Hz,
  • Rated insulation voltage (Uimp) : 8kV (6kV for MMS-32),
  • Utilization category : Cat A., AC3,
  • Instantaneous short circuit : 13 x Ie max,
  • Wide operation temperature : -20 ~ +60℃.